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How long Dedrap garment? Whashing and ironing Instructions
• Dedrap uses the best materials to ensure long durability of tissue bonding, as long as you follow these instructions for washing and ironing:
• Wash garments inside out. To reduce the friction of the tissues that suffers the garment in the wash.
• Always wash in cold water. Both the washer and hand. This not run the risk of shrinkage
• Do not use bleach.
• DO NOT GET INTO THE DRYER. Avoid shrinkage by heat and the fabric is worn by the friction spinning.
• THE SHADOW spreadeth them out. The sun damages the colors of the fabrics.
• IMPORTANT! IRON washing powder or a rag.

What differentiates designs?
The combination of children's illustrations with a romantic style fabrics and original customization of each garment also woven together. On a result of the most unique and different. 

What is the part I can change?
The name. In the images shown as examples, a person's name appears. When you order a mandatory field is where the name you want to put.
How I can buy in is a custom clothing. It works as follows:
1. You choose a garment with design (shirts, onesies, bibs ...)
2. You specify the name of that small is going to take.
3. You specify the size
4. If you want you can write a congratulatory text enclosed inside the gift box.
5. After this, add the product to the shopping cart and you can continue shopping. 
 Whenever you want you can view the contents of your cart and add or delete products. When you want to finish, you go to the shopping cart and select the "Checkout".
Once the order you must fill out a form with your details (which will be protected in accordance with current legislation on data protection) to proceed to payment, which will give you three options: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer. 
 already made the payment, 'll send you an e-mail with confirmation of your order. Delivery time is about 5 or 6 days. The delivery takes place in the address you indicated in "Shipping Address".
How I can know the size?
The sizes are indicated for months. You can see the measurements on the size guide.
What are the payment methods?
You have three ways to pay for your order:
a) By credit card through Pay-Pal system
b) Through the Virtual TPV of our bank. The whole process is 100% secure. It is the best option as it is the cheapest you leave yourself and us. It is also the fastest. 

c) Bank transfer, which is also a simple option. When choosing the method of payment by transfer account you indicate that you made and the number of your order you must indicate how the concept of the transfer. 
 Our bank details are: 
 Banc Sabadell  Account Number:
0081 7020 23 0001268528
Is VAT and shipping costs are included in the price?
The VAT itself is included in all prices. 
 But shipping costs are not included in prices as they vary according to delivery destination. Will be added automatically when you confirm your order. If you want to consult them before you go to the shipping section.
How long does the delivery?
Normally the order processing and shipping needs 5 to 6 days. We will inform you when we ship your package.
In the case of payment by bank transfer, the order will not be processed until payment is received. If within 15 days do not receive payment to the cancellation of the same.
Important: For delivery of the package, there must be a person to pick it up and sign the receipt. You can also send you the package to an alternate address, for example the work.
How do I know that my order was successful?
After the purchase, we will e-mail an order confirmation, it will have all the details of your purchase: order number, product, size, text, price, etc.. 
 It is appropriate that you check if any errors. If so, we ask that you tell us as soon as possible to correct it if there is still time.
Can you guarantee a delivery date?
In Dedrap we strive to make the orders as soon as possible. However, there may be delays which are not responsible. Therefore we do not undertake to set a deadline.
What I can do if I find a bug in writing when the order is completed?
Send us as quickly as possible by sending an e-mail with your order number in the subject to If we have time, we will correct. If your order is finished we can do nothing.
What I can do if my order has arrived with defects? (Errors in the text, size and / or different color to order ...)
The first thing you do is check your order confirmation or invoice to see if there are any errors. If a failure is due to our own, replace the garment wrong.
Send the item back and add to the package a note describing the defect and the order number. We will refund shipping costs and receive your order again soon.
Packages with postage due will not be collected.
The result of the defect claim must be made within 15 days from receipt of order. Claims after this deadline will not be accepted.
The product did not charge it or do not like the design, how I can return it?
We customize all garments to suit the client, so you can not claim in this case.
Do you see the reasons similarly to those seen in the store?
Not 100%. Small changes can haver in the pattern of the fabric, depending on the manufacturer's stock. Minimum discrepancy may be due, for example, the relative size of the artwork in relation to the size of the garment or the color seen on screen.
Do you have a catalog of items or motives?
Do not have a printed catalog, as we are an online store. So we only accept orders online.
What material are the clothes?
Our garments are top quality. All models have a 100% cotton composition. The weight varies depending on the garment, between 200 g/m2 and 220 g/m2.
You can see the composition of each garment in the garment section description.